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#4227982 Apr 15, 2011 at 09:18 PM · Edited 7 years ago
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(I copied this over, bcus a lot of members don't have access yet to our guild only sections)

Hello guildies,

If you're reading this thread, congratulations you've found your way or your way back to the forums!

I'd like to say a few things regarding Bruce Lee and how we shall try to keep this guild lively.
I've had a long talk with our new Guild Master Pyro and we've discussed a few suggestion from guildies (AND STALKE TOO).

First of all I'd like to welcome all new members of Bruce Lee.

Next I'd like to say a few things on our PvP plans:
We've noticed that arranging RBGs is harder than it seems, mainly having problems with ppl being online, always wanting the best ppl / setup and taking non guildies over guildies. The solution to this is not that easy and before we'll try to continue arranging serious events like RBGs, we'd like to try out some weekly random PvP events.
These events would include but not be restricted to having a World PvP raid to Orgrimmar, arranged world PvP in old PvP zones like Halaa, duelcompetitions but most of all a Wargame tournament.

The event we'd like to try out first would be the Wargame tournament. For those unsure what wargames are I'll give a short description:
Wargames are like the old skirmishes, but in this case you have to arrange the matches yourself, as in you need to form 2 teams who can challenge eachother, upon accepting the invite the teams will be teleported to the chosen arena / batteground.
We'll probably start of with a 3v3 tournament. Ofcourse as in every tournament, there is a reward for the winner (The reward itself is still a secret!).
I'm hoping we can have a test run next week (4teams). I will dedicate a seperate thread for this event. I'll also ask Yol or whoever is in charge of the site to make a new directory for PvP events. Later on this month we'll arrange the real tournament.

If these events are well excepted among the guildmembers, we'll consider reviving RBGs in BL, how this will work out has yet to be determined!
Sadly if there is no interest in arranged events, we doubt it's even possible to have a good RBG guild going.

A last thing I'd like to add is that due to my heavy studies, I'm most likely uncapable of arranging every event in the future, so if you feel like you have it in you to arrange such events, give me a whisper!

Thank you for reading and take a look at the Tournament thread! =)

- Telemachos

PS to any officer: Put this in the GMotD: "New players should register to the forum and read Tele's threads about the upcoming events!"
#4228026 Apr 15, 2011 at 09:30 PM
Bruce Lee
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Looks like a solid plan, I do hope that the teams are going to be balanced and will contain 'real setups' instead of just something random that was randomly chosen, I do understand that inactivity also plays a role but it would be nice if we had teams that could stand toe-to-toe with each other instead of having a Gladiator team and a mediocre team fighting against each other or LSD vs triple rogue or something else that would make no type of sense. And as said before I am still interested in participating in these types of events considering we really need to get this guild active and going like it once was before.

Also for those who are confused on who I may be, I am Dr. Heart and I named myself this because this is what my Rogue is going to be named (In case that doesn't work out, I'll swap name to my Rogues name) Dr. Heart will no longer be a PvP Druid and will instead be a PvE tank due to me feeling that Druid isn't my calling and that I feel more secure and 'skilled' when playing a Rogue, I'll ship my Rogue here around 20th-24th of April.
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