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Frostwhisper Horde PVP Tournament

64 level 80 players have a chance to show off, test themselves or to win some money.
Entrants will have to pay the small fee of 200g to take part in the 6 round tournament which would come to 12800g in prize money,
the top 3 players will get cash rewards of 10k to the winner 2k to the 2nd place and 800 to the 3rd.
If the first tournament is a success, by that i mean has enough people sign for it and turn up
and is done right and above all it has people enjoy themselves, then we would aim to make more events with refined rules to make it more fun.

A quick rundown to explain how it will work followed by an open invitation...

Entrants will enter 2 raids of 32 people.
Chosen participants will be removed from their raid and have a one on one duel.
The winner will re join his raid and wait til the next round.
The loser either leave or enjoy the rest of the tournement.
This will go on till their are 32 winners left at 16 per raid.
When their are 4 people left the round will change to first to 2 wins to progress to the final.
And the final round will be the player to reach 3 wins will become champion.

The prizes will be handled in the 5th round where their are four people left, the 2 losers who fail to make it to the final round
will have a duel to take 3rd place and take the 800g reward.
The 2 finalists will be given 2k for runner up and 10k for winning and ofc the Horde server title of tournement winner.

Fight rules.
Their are no gear requirements, if you payed to enter you would fight with whatever gear you bring.
If you have connection problems or lag or even dc, maybe your keyboard broke or whatever the case if the fight has started and either of the 2 are able to compete then its a counted so make sure your stable to compete, their will be no excuses accepted in any way
as people can start to lose and use a fake dc to their advantage in some cases and make it look real,
so again if your connection is not stable for a duel it is nobodies fault.

Most things that apply in arena/and do not apply in arena is the kind of rules we're trying to apply,
though heres a list which will be updated/changed untill the tournament.
No healing specs sorry people, healer duels suck
Losing by leaving the duel area is counted.
Bandages are allowed.
Food and water allowed.
Flasks not allowed.
Ground mounts are allowed.
Air mounts are not allowed.
Buff food not allowed.
Health/Mana potions not allowed.
Buff from other players are not allowed, including warlock health stones.

The players to compete will be chosen by their raid leaders by raid roll of 1-32 which would change according to how many members remain,
if the raid leader is chosen from one raid then he will pass leadership to someone and re join if he loses or wins,
if the leader loses then he will be put somewhere else in the raid so that he does not come under raid roll.
Winners will rejoin their raid at a different spot in the raid so that they dont effect current raid rolls.
At a new round the 2 raids will be evenly devided to continue till the end.

Each round will take place in random areas in the World of warcraft zones which will be numbered and raid rolled to be chosen.
So far we have chosen the outside area of Utgarde Keep, which resembles the last boss area of the instance, the summoning stone area of
the auchindoun [outside Mana tombs]. We are taking suggestions for possible locations for dueling and will add them to the list before the tournament.

Open invitation:
To take part in the tournament please whisper me in game to deposit 200g for buying a spot, you will then be added to the list at the bottom. Though you will need to pay for a spot you are more then welcome to pull out and get a full refund, also in the case of a member has payed and got a spot but fails to turn up, they will lose their spot but the gold will not be refunded if the tournement has begun. We will take as many signs as possible the invites will start exactly at 2pm server time on October 17th, if you are present during signs and dont make it into the 64 player limit then you will be refunded, however if your not present and the tournement has begun then you will lose the entry fee. Any money that is not refunded due to people not showing up before the start of the tournement will be added to the prize money.

I am open for any advice/suggestions as to how you think we can improve or make it more fun,
just post here or whisper/mail me in game.

IMPORTANT READ > We are still looking for nice dueling locations in Azeroth and elsewhere in the game, they have to be a fair playing field with flat surfaces and not in high populated areas, pilars and walls are okay. Please send your locations to me by in game mail or whisper, or post below.

IMPORTANT READ > The rules are open to change untill the tournament, so any suggestions for changes are welcome and will be considered, please send them by in game mail or whisper or post below.

The first Tournament will be held on the 17th October at 2pm server time, please scroll up and refer to the "Open invitation" to see how you could take part.

Good luck to everyone who wants to take part, if your not lucky enough to get into it or just want to come have a look,
your all welcome to do so, Just make sure you dont interupt the duels, though alliance people.... BRING IT ON!!

"Lok'tar ogar"

Signs ~
Character name ~ mains name and guild [for contacting reasons] ~ class ~ spec
1- Aiva ~ Zanoth / <Retro> ~ Warlock ~ AF
2- Aeni ~ Aeni / <Retro> ~ Hunter ~ MM

Thanks for reading, please edit accordingly or add anything you think would be relevant to such an event.
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